Do you want to be an official during the curling European Championships? Then we will get in touch with you. You get a clothing package, a good and inclusive environment, exciting work assignments and the opportunity to see Europe's best curling player up close. Many of the tasks do not require knowledge of curling - just that you want to make an effort for the event to be a success


Further down the page , you can read a little more about the various work tasks.


More about volunteering


During the event, both Ungdomshallen and Håkons Hall will be used for official curling matches. In addition, the curling hall is used for training and probably also dining.

We need a central volunteer who will have the role of duty manager. The duty manager is important in the planning of the event, especially since we have to expect that we will have to make adjustments due to covid-19. As a security manager, you will also have an important role in planning so that the arenas are arranged with zones so that accreditation can be ensured.

Before the event, there will be a need for people to rig the arena, and during the event, there will be a need for guards who can ensure that the audience, players, volunteers and other officials have a good experience.

Contact person arena: Jon Erik Rønning, Jon.Erik. Ronning@lillehammer.kommune.no

Volunteer team

The volunteers also need someone who can take care of them. This section has an overall responsibility for ensuring that the rosters are in order (together with section leaders), that the volunteers have good living spaces in the arenas and that they receive food and drink. And everything else that makes the volunteers have a good time at work.

For this section, we are looking for a deputy chair and two volunteer coordinators. Everyone will be involved in the planning, and also have important roles during the event.

Contact person: Lene Vollan: lene.vollan@gmail.com


Communication is responsible for the website ecc2020.no, for communication via social media and to the press. Communication is also responsible for staffing an information desk in the arena area. Communication is looking for you who know a little about online publishing and you who are good at social media. If you do not feel competent in any of these, but are just fond of and good at talking to people, you can also sign up for service in this group.

Communication is looking for at least two key volunteers who can have the following roles in the planning and implementation of the event:

Web editor. You will be responsible for the development of the website ecc2021.no, and set up a publishing plan for this page

SoMe responsible. You lead the team that works with social media before and during the event.

In addition, we want good people for the communication team during the event itself.

Contact person: Kenneth Nordahl-Pedersen, knp@me.com


The marketing section needs a central volunteer who is responsible for the sponsorship follow-up before and during the event. In addition, sponsor hosts are needed during the event.

Contact person: Jostein Buraas, josteinburaas@gmail.com

Food and drink

The food and beverage section is responsible for all serving of food and beverages during the event. This applies whether it is in kiosks, food for participants and volunteers or it is in the VIP area. As a food and beverage volunteer, you will be part of a team that makes the audience, participants, volunteers and sponsors happy.

We are also looking for two key volunteers who will be involved in the planning. A kiosk manager and a food logistics manager.

Contact person: Anne Berit Vollan, abvollan@gmail.com

Ceremony and cult r

During the event, a minimum opening ceremony, closing ceremony and medal ceremonies will be held. We hope we are allowed to have lots of spectators in the stands that we can find a lot of other fun for as well. This section is responsible for that, and we are looking for someone who can be a producer for the ceremonies, also called master of ceremonies. The responsibility is to ensure that the ceremonies are conducted in a way that makes everyone happy, and may include some surprising elements.

In addition to the responsible producer, we need 3-4 people who can contribute to the ceremonies being carried out according to plan.

Contact person: Eirik Haagensen, haagensen. eirik@gmail.com

Transport and guest service

In this section, a search is initially made for a transport manager and a guest service manager.

The transport manager is responsible for planning the transport activities immediately before and during the event. Since the event is compact with short walking distances, the need for transport is limited, but it must still be planned for.

Responsible for guest service. The role is responsible for ensuring that players, managers, volunteers and the public have access to the information they need at the hotel and in the halls. You make sure that your team provides good service and is prepared to answer the most incredible questions.

We are also looking for people with a driver's license, preferably on a minibus, who will be drivers during the event. And we need guest hosts during the event.

Contact person: Kjetil Nordbye, kjetil.nordbye@ikomm.no


The event has great ambitions when it comes to sustainability, and we have described this in several applications. We are looking for a person who will have the overall responsibility for sustainability in the planning and implementation of the event. You help to put in place good solutions and challenge the section leaders to think sustainability in everything they do.

Contact person: Eirik Haagensen, haagensen. eirik@gmail.com